Welcome Everyone!

I am Bridget Watson and am running for a position on the Governing Board of the Sunnyvale School District. I'm excited to represent our school district and bring my background as a parent, teacher, volunteer, and project manager to focus on the following key priorities:

  • Promote a sense of belonging and safety for ALL students, families, teachers, and staff in order to nurture the development of the whole child and make our community stronger!
  • Create and support opportunities for innovative, differentiated teaching and learning so every unique child can be supported, engaged, and challenged!
  • Close achievement gaps where they exist so that all students can thrive!

If elected, I will collaborate with other board members, parents, teachers, and the administration to provide policies, vision, and direction in our district. 

Please vote for me on Tuesday November 6, 2018!


Twice Recognized Parent Volunteer of the Year at Cherry Chase Elementary School, Sunnyvale School District.

Teacher of the Year at Fairwood Explorer, Sunnyvale School District

Honorary Service Award, Cupertino Fremont School Council PTA  (CFSCPTA)

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Email Directly: bridget@electbridget.org