"Bridget is a visionary, out of the box thinker. She is passionate about making education work for ALL children. She has relevant experience both inside and outside the classroom." - Kathryn Besser, Parent

"I worked with Bridget at SMS PTSA and I admire her passion and commitment to make a difference in our community." - Marites Smith, Parent

"Bridget has been deeply invested and involved in the Sunnyvale School District for many years. She is knowledgeable, an educator herself, a parent, an amazing volunteer, and an advocate for change when warranted. She will be the perfect representative on the school board for parents, teachers/staff, and the community as a whole." - Dawn Bussey, Parent

"Bridget has an understanding of the school system both as a parent and a teacher. She is enthusiastic and caring. She is perfect for the job!" - Leslie Becker, Teacher and Parent

"Bridget Watson generously offers her time and expertise in support of those who most need it, and she brings hope and positivity to all her projects." -Patricia Carpio-Aguilar, Teacher (SSD) and Community Member

"Bridget has so many virtues, but caring for ALL kids is the one I want to mention." - Jenny Kramer, Community Member

"She is a committed educator who truly cares about students' lives. She has been engaged with the educational system of the city for years, as a parent, as a teacher, and as a community member. Giving the extra mile is the natural state of Bridget, she will always be willing to give more and do it stupendously." - Isabel Jubes-Flamerich, Parent

"She genuinely cares about the students of Sunnyvale" - Holly Zhang, Community Member.

"Bridget was a wonderful teacher to my daughter, and cares deeply for children and education." - Allison Ireland, PTSA President/ Columbia Middle School, Parent

"Mrs Watson taught our sons and was their favorite teacher. I trust her judgement and I know she is passionate about bringing the best education to the children." - Ekaterina Fedorova, Parent

"Bridget will fight for every child since each child is unique & has different needs." - Brenda Fox-Grugett, Parent

"Bridget is an exceptional person with great knowledge of the school district. I think she will make a fantastic addition to the school board." - Diane Michelotti, Parent

"I highly recommend Bridget Watson for the Sunnyvale School Board. She is a talented professional with a passion to make a difference for others in our community, especially our children! Please join me in supporting Bridget Watson for School Board. " - Becky Davis, Parent

"Mrs. Watson was a former teacher at my kids’ school and she is a wonderful and caring person and dedicated to the community." - Atsuko Pien, Parent


"Bridget was the first person who helped us transition to Cherry Chase. As a parent and a volunteer, Bridget stepped up to help us. Because of that, we learned how to navigate the system and find the best ways to guide our kids through school. That took place when our eldest was in 2nd grade, he is now high school senior!" - Yinon Eliaz, Parent

"I know Bridget as a neighbor and also as a fellow parent at the school. I have seen Bridget and her husband take part in and drive many initiatives as part of the PTA for making the school a better place for our kids. A few that immediately come to mind are upgrading technology labs at Cherry Chase, managing the school garden, and running the Teacher Appreciation at Sunnyvale Middle School are a few that I know of. I have seen Bridget always make time for school and community even amidst some challenging times in her life. I fully endorse Bridget for this position any time!" - Gayathri Venkataraman, Parent

"I can't think of anyone else that is more suitable than her." - Ilanit Eliaz, Parent

"There's few great educators who give their everything to help children thrive, Bridget Watson is one of them." - Liliana Guerrero, Teacher and Parent.

"I like her values and she does a lot of volunteer work" - Philip Jelfs, Parent

"Bridget was my son's 3rd grade teacher. I know from experience that she has the drive and will to help children succeed, even in the face of difficult circumstances. She will be a great addition to the board." - Thomas Keast, Parent

"Bridget has devoted countless hours and unbridled enthusiasm for the welfare of the children. The community has become richer with her involvement!" - Maggie Shen, Parent

"I got to know Bridget as a parent volunteer at Cherry Chase Elementary. She is a dedicated, thoughtful and caring member of our community and I'm thrilled to see her pursuing a formal role in our school district!" - Kim Shinmoto, Parent

"Bridget is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in and make her voice heard!" - Natalie Vander Kam, Parent 

"I have known Bridget for many years, and in every situation she has been a voice of reason. Bridget's ability to view issues from different perspectives and her openness to hearing others' thoughts gives me confidence that she will be a valuable asset to the School Board, and that she has the needs of all in her sights. She has my vote." - Debbie Alvarado, Teacher and Community Member

"As an educator Bridget Watson knows first hand the issues teachers, administrators and students face on a daily basis.  As the mother of school age children, she understands what it is feels like from the parent's perspective.  

" - Bill Hildebrand, Parent

"Bridget was my daughter's teacher for 2 grades and she was wonderful! Vote for Bridget! She was a wonderful teacher to my daughter. We were lucky to have her for 2 years!" - Irene,  Parent

"As a school board member, Bridget will bring tremendous value to our community. She knows the issues and opportunities our schools face. She has demonstrated, year in and year out, an unwavering commitment to making our community and our kid's education experience exceptional. I've witnessed her leadership in action,  the results of her projects, and the many thousands of hours she has donated to Sunnyvale schools over the years. It's time. We need Bridget. We need her passion, commitment, experience, and ideas representing us on the school board." - Michael Becker, parent 


"She is one of those few teachers you want your kid to end on her class! She was an amazing support for us parents, students an colleagues!" - Luchi Boyle, parent

"Her passion and compassion for Sunnyvale's children is her guiding light." - Michael Batek and Sara Kole

"Bridget has always been an active member in our school community, as both a parent and teacher, working hard for the kids and staff. She gives her best in all that she does and I believe she will work hard for our schools." - Diana Kunze, Parent and School Administrator (SSD)

"As a former parent at Cherry Chase School, I can assure you Mrs. Watson is a very professional, knowledgable, and a very responsible educator. I met her as a teacher volunteer at my son's school a few years back and I truly believe she can make a real difference in education in our community." - Martha Valencia, Parent

"Bridget Watson has so much heart. She sincerely cares about Sunnyvale schools, teachers, and students. I have worked along side her and have seen her go above and beyond what is asked of your average teacher. I wholeheartedly support Bridget Watson!" - Yaelle Levine, Teacher (SSD)

'[Bridget] will listen and make decisions through the lens of a certified teacher - Yay!" - Sheila McKell, Teacher (SSD)

"I have known Bridget as a dedicated volunteer, an innovative teacher, and a supportive friend. She would be an excellent, level-headed addition to the Sunnyvale School Board." - Shari Caudle, Teacher (SSD)